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Sourcing used car and van parts in Northern Ireland can be a frustrating experience for many. Constantly calling different car breakers and dismantlers is time consuming as you wait for each company to check if they have your part in stock. Carpartfinderni.com is here to take away the hassle by letting you submit the part you are looking for and the car parts suppliers will contact you if they have it. It could not be simpler. Simply complete the form below and we will send your request out to dozens of used parts suppliers throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

All cars, vans and other vehicles will at some point have a component in it that will fail and need replaced. Once you have diagnosed specifically which part is causing the problem for your vehicle, the next step is to get the details of the part .i.e. the part number and then begin to source a replacement. You have two options when replacing the original. You can either go to a main franchised dealer for the manufacturer of your vehicle or you can contact car dismantlers, car breakers and used car parts suppliers to check if they are breaking a vehicle that will have compatible components to your own. Buying new vehicle parts will obviously be more expensive but you have that reassurance that they have been designed specifically for your vehicle and the lifespan of the spare will last a lot longer than used versions.

For many buying new is out of their budget and they are happy to use spares from another compatible vehicle. For an example of the price difference between new and used parts we can compare an EGR valve for an Audi A6. To buy new from Audi the average price would be around £370 + vat. If you were to source it from Car Breakers in Northern Ireland, you could pick up a good clean used EGR valve around £60. This would result in you being able to buy the used part and get it fitted for less than half the price of buying the spare from new.

The average consumer may not necessarily have a lot of knowledge in the field of car and van parts in NI. It can be confusing for people who are trying to buy parts to know if they are getting something that will be suitable for their motor. To help overcome the obstacle of acquiring the incorrect replacement it is best to have some information regarding your vehicle and the original part at hand. The main information that will help both you and the suppliers of used parts to get the correct component is the vehicle registration and the part number. The part number will usually be located somewhere on the spare itself. If it is badly worn it may be difficult to read the number. Most reputable car breakers and dismantlers will have a registration look up system. This will enable them to input the vehicle reg into their system and help them to locate the exact part which is compatible with your vehicle.

To ensure you are getting the correct item it is also a good idea (if possible) to bring the part you are replacing with you. This enables both you and the person who you are buying from to visually inspect both the original and replacement as a final check for suitability. Buying after market parts can often lead to people feeling nervous as to how reliable it will be in their motor. Like any used item it will not last as long as an item bought from new. However you should still expect to get a reasonable amount of use for your money. Many suppliers will offer a warranty for a period of time to ensure customer satisfaction. How long a warranty is offered will differ depending on the business you are buying from and the type and condition of the spare parts.

We aim to put our vast knowledge and experience in the industry over several years to good use. We have designed carpartfinderni.com to help both the average car owner and trade professionals who repair vehicles for a living to source vehicle parts as quickly as possible. It is as simple as completing the above form and your request will go out dozens of car parts suppliers and car breakers in Northern Ireland. If they have your item they will call you to let you know and give you a price.